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What Participants Say

“My doctor had prescribed Ambien to help me sleep when the stress of work and life’s challenges left me with a sleeping problem. Within 6-8 weeks of my mindfulness work I was off the sleep medication and sleeping well most nights.”
-- Graphic Designer

“I have a greater ability to sit with difficult feelings and not run from them.  They aren’t as overwhelming or scary.”
-- Educator

“One of the greatest benefits of the class is that the rapid-fire series of thought, reaction, tension, frustration is in slow motion now.  Many times in a day I observe the process and am able to stop the speed before it reaches frustration or impatience. I feel more in control of myself, in the most meaningful way that I needed.”
-- Holistic Health Practitioner

present moment mindfulness

“I feel this class has given me a new tool (multiple tools, really) to use in stressful situations and when I need or want to relax.  It’s one of the best things I have done for myself in a long time.”  I notice that I don’t have to take my asthma medicine as much, and I am more conscious of my body and its needs. I am more able to have acceptance and compassion for my thoughts and feelings.  I don't have to get attached to them.”
--Business Manager

“The group discussion component was much more useful than I had anticipated.  My ability to focus has improved, and I understand the connection between my thoughts and stress.  I recover more quickly from stress situations, and I don’t dwell on them as long.”
--Public Health Researcher, Author