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Course Description

The group meets for eight, weekly 2-1/2 hour sessions, along with an all-day session to learn about and practice being in the present moment.  We explore experientially and didactically the process of attending to the body, the breath, thoughts, and feelings.  Through this engagement, we can see our lives more clearly, identify our own patterns of stress and reactivity, and recognize that we have choice—even in areas where we might typically experience constraint and stuckness.  In class, we have a unique opportunity to share our discoveries with each other.

present moment mindfulnessThrough regular practice of the meditations in class and at home during the week, we begin to weave greater awareness into all the moments of our lives: whether working, driving, eating, relating with others, or dealing with strong emotions and habits of thinking. The practice of mindfulness develops our
inner confidence and resilience.

image-present moment mindfulnessParticipants make a strong commitment to attend each class and to practice the meditations daily during the week. The 8-week course includes an all-day (9-4) mindfulness retreat to deepen the experience of the meditations.

Materials for the class include three CDs of guided meditations, a practice manual and weekly handouts.  Additionally, anyone completing a Present Moment Mindfulness course is invited to attend future day-long retreats as a way of continuing to hone or reinvigorate practice.  Many graduates take advantage of this opportunity and experience it as a helpful way to remember their intention and commitment to caring for themselves.

The cost for the 8-week session is $425.  A $50 deposit holds your space.  Partial scholarships and generous payment plans are available.  See our schedule of upcoming classes and registration information.